I moved to Kenya in December 2016, along with our Airedale Terrier, Johnny, to join my husband, whose work has brought him here. Prior to this we were living in Oxfordshire, but I am from London originally, where most of my friends and family still live.

I have travelled a little before and have always found it difficult to sum up (in the few short sentences that are expected in reply to “how was it?”) what I have seen and done, instead opting for the generic “yeah, it was great” and a big smile.

“Cooking on Gas” is therefore an attempt to convey, in literary snapshots, what our life out here is like. The title of the blog is a reference to my first visit to Kenya in 2003 when I learned that Africa is not a place where you take anything for granted (see “Hard Cheese“).

Kenya is beautiful, occasionally scary, and often frustrating, but most of all it is what you make of it. We forget so easily; memories become either rose-tinted or dramatically exaggerated (which is part of the fun of telling stories), but I would like to record our attempts at grappling with life here, so that in two years’ time when someone asks me how it was, I don’t just have to smile and nod.